Match your beautiful new pool with our range of features and innovative products
so you can enjoy more time swimming and less time doing maintenance.

Vantage In-Floor
Cleaning System

Most people who buy a pool start off with dreams of relaxing, enjoying time with family and friends. What they don’t picture is the hard work which is typically needed to look after that pool – all the manual cleaning, the heavy lifting of automatic cleaners, the endless task to keep your water balanced, healthy and safe to swim in.

The Vantage operating system is a unique water circulation system designed to reduce chemical usage, eliminate cold spots and keep your pool clean of debris without the need for regular hand vacuuming or any other cleaning equipment.

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Advanced Hydrostatic

Compass Pools can now offer you even better protection with our exclusive hydrostatic warranty.

One of the potential risks of owning any swimming pool is the possibility of damage due to a hydrostatic event. Essentially, ‘hydrostatic damage’ can occur when the water level in the ground rises higher than the water level in your pool. When this happens, your pool will naturally want to lift or float… a bit like a boat. As the ground water subsides again, and the pressure on your pool reduces, it can result in permanent bulges or cracks in the walls and floor.

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Pool Feature

Just because our pools are preformed in a factory doesn’t mean you can’t customise them to suit your backyard and personal taste. There are many ways you can change and enhance your Compass pool to create a truly unique design.

  • Ponds and Waders
  • Infinity / Wet Edges
  • Sunpods

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The Triple Guarantee

We promise to provide you with comprehensive protection thanks to our industry leading technology.

  • 1. 10 Years enhanced cosmetic protection with our ArmourShield technology
  • 2. Lifetime structural warranty with our CeramicCore technology
  • 3. Lifetime hydrostatic damage protection with our HydroPro System

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