Spas and waders can be a great addition to your new pool. Linked together with a sunpod waterfeature, you can create an individual touch and custom design.

Spas can be above ground or in ground, the perfect choice for a cabana or entertainment area.

Waders can be installed as a stand-alone water feature or a great kiddie pool.

Spa Shapes

  • Incorporate spa jets for hydrotherapy and or swim jets for aquatic exercise.
  • Cost effective to heat allowing year round swimming.
  • Perfect for compact backyards.
  • The smooth shimmering surface that is gentle on your skin and swimwear.
  • Wide step and seating ledges provide ease of access and relaxation areas where massage nozzles or air massage devices may be installed.
  • The safety ledge provides children with a footing on either side of the pool.

Spa Specifications

Model Length Width Shallow End Deep End Outlines
Calypso Spa 2.66m 2.4m 1.06m 1.06m View
X-Trainer Spa 2.8m 1.8m 1.1m 1.1m View
3.1 Wader 3.06m 1.96m 30cm 30cm View

Spa Colours

Bi-luminite Colours

  • Atlantic


  • Beach


  • Evolution


  • Pacific


  • Pearl


  • Pink Quartz

    Pink Quartz

  • Quartz


  • Sapphire


  • Vercoe


  • Viridian


Vivid Colours

  • Arctic Marine

    Arctic Marine

  • Grey Marble

    Grey Marble

  • Ice Blue

    Ice Blue

  • Royal Blue

    Royal Blue

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