Plunge Pool

The perfect pool for a duplex or smaller backyard spaces.

Our large range of plunge pools are ideal for compact backyards. Perfect for those wanting somewhere to take a dip, relax in the wide seating area. Ideal and cost effective to heat allowing year round swimming.

Plunge pools are perfect for a luxurious relaxation zone without compromising your entire yard space.

Pool Shape

  • Incorporate spa jets for hydrotherapy and or swim jets for aquatic exercise.
  • Cost effective to heat allowing year round swimming.
  • Perfect for compact backyards.
  • The smooth shimmering surface that is gentle on your skin and swimwear.
  • Wide step and seating ledges provide ease of access and relaxation areas where massage nozzles or air massage devices may be installed.
  • The safety ledge provides children with a footing on either side of the pool.

Pool Specifications

Model Length Width Shallow End Deep End Outlines
6.2 Plunge 6.2m 3.39m 1.42m 1.7m View
5.0 Plunge 5.0m 3.39m 1.42m 1.65m View
3.6 Plunge 3.62m 2.26m 1.35m 1.35m View
2.8 Plunge 2.85m 2.1m 1.2m 1.2m View

Pool Colours

Bi-luminite Colours

  • Atlantic


  • Beach


  • Evolution


  • Pacific


  • Pearl


  • Pink Quartz

    Pink Quartz

  • Quartz


  • Sapphire


  • Vercoe


  • Viridian


Vivid Colours

  • Arctic Marine

    Arctic Marine

  • Grey Marble

    Grey Marble

  • Ice Blue

    Ice Blue

  • Royal Blue

    Royal Blue

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